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*This is for a recurring 2 balms per month subscription. You will conveniently receive two balms per month at a discounted rate of $89.99. Cancel at anytime. 

SANA is Latin for heal & is the inspiration for this CBD  roll-on balm. Completely non-psychoactive & all-natural. This back & body roll-on balm allows you to have relief from pain for hours with no impairment for your regular activities. It provides a soothing & comfortable warmth to help relax your tissue & muscles, whenever & wherever you need it. Don’t suffer. SANA.

Formulated with all-natural ingredients, four (4) anti-inflammatories, the finest CBD Oil, and a proprietary formulation of three (3) essential oils. 


MENTHOL – a proprietary formulation extracted from organic herb oils including mint, eucalyptus, and pennyroyal. Used to fight pain and reduce inflammation

CAMPHOR – Extracted from the bark and wood of the Camphor tree. Used as an antiseptic, anesthetic and anti-inflammatory agent.

CAPSAICIN – Extracted from chili peppers. Used to help relieve muscle and joint pain.

HEMP PLANT EXTRACTED CBD OIL – an organic, non-hallucinate extraction from the Hemp plant. Used as an anti-inflammation treatment and absorbent that directs the curative ingredients to the origin of your pain.

GLYCERIN – An organic compound extracted from palm oil, coconut oil, and soy. Used for better absorption into your skin and retention of moisture for smoother skin and healing support.

ACMELIA OLERFACEA EXTRACT – Known as Jambu, it is a Brazilian flowering herb. A powerful antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and pain relief agent.

ILEX PARAGUARIENSIS – extracted from the fruit and leaves of the Yerba Mate’s Tea Shrub. Used as an antioxidant. Contains high amounts of minerals (incl. potassium, magnesium and phosphorous), and vitamins (incl. A, C and E). Helps in the natural curative process of your body.

BOSWELLIA EXTRACT – extracted from the Boswellia Serrata tree. Used for centuries in Asia & Africa to help relieve chronic inflammatory conditions in your body.

ARNICA EXTRACT – Extracted from the Montana Flower, a member of the daisy family. Used as an anti-inflammatory and pain relief from sprains, muscle spasms, and joint aches.

MENTHOXYPROPANEDIOL – An organic solvent. Used to help absorption into your skin.

PHENOXYETHANOL – Formulated from natural sources. Used as an antibacterial preservative.

CAPRYLYL GLYCOL – Extracted from palm & coconut oil. Used as a natural preservative.